Azərbaycan Tibb Universiteti

Address : 9RWM+64M, Samad Vurgun, Baku, Azerbaijan

Type : Government

Short Name : ATU

Established : 1930

About Azərbaycan Tibb Universiteti

In June 19, 1930, the Azerbaijan State Medical University was created on the foundations of the Azerbaijan (Baku) State University’s Medical Faculty. Since February 5, 1991, the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute has been a university. This colossal research complex has laid the groundwork for a solid educational system and produced world-renowned medical scientists.

AMU has trained over 63,000 completely competent doctors and pharmacists for the Republic of Azerbaijan as well as many other nations. The AMU’s quantitative and qualitative indices for training professional doctors and medical scientists are equivalent to those of some of the world’s most advanced countries. The operation of University clinics, as well as the advanced fortification of the material and technical foundation, has resulted in the current situation.

Affiliation and Recognition of Azərbaycan Tibb Universiteti

Advantages of MBBS at Azərbaycan Tibb Universiteti

Total Budget and Fees Structure

Academic YearTution Fees
1st YearRs 7,00,000
2nd YearRs 5,40,000
3rd YearRs  5,40,000
4th YearRs  5,40,000
5th YearRs  5,40,000
6th YearRs  5,40,000

Total Budget : –₹ 34,00,000


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