Jalal-Abad State University

Address : 57 Lenin Street Jalal-Abad, 715600, Kyrgyzstan

Type : Private

Short Name : AIMU

Established : 1993

About Jalal-Abad State University

Jalal-Abad State University was established in 1993 to serve as a centre for medical education. The institution offers a number of master’s, doctoral, and certificate programmes. The Jalal-Abad State University gives its students extensive exposure to the field of medicine, enhancing their knowledge and enabling them to visit various hospitals to gain practical experience during the course’s final years.

The university’s several departments are dispersed around Jalal-Abad, the city’s commercial hub. Due to a rise in the community in the nation, Indian immigrant students are particularly fond of the university. The majority of the students are from the medical industry.Numerous international organisations, including as NMC and WHO, have acknowledged the State Medical University of Jalal-Abad. The institution is one of the most renowned medical schools in Kyrgyzstan and enrols a sizable number of Asian students in its medical programme.

Affiliation and Recognition of Jalal-Abad State University

Advantages of MBBS at Jalal-Abad State University

Total Budget and Fees Structure

Academic YearTution Fees
1st YearRs 3,36,000
2nd YearRs 3,36,000
3rd YearRs 3,36,000
4th YearRs 3,36,000
5th YearRs 3,36,000
6th YearRs 3,36,000

Total Budget : – ₹ 20,16,000


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